Lytx adds new A.I.-powered features to camera systems
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Lytx adds new A.I.-powered features to camera systems


David Sickels is the Senior Editor of Fleet Equipment. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

Lytx has added several new technology capabilities to its camera systems that the company says build upon its ability to identify driving risk.

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The compay says the new technology allows drivers to be more proactive and accountable for their own improvement while giving management visibility and data to monitor and intervene if needed.

Lytx says new capabilities include:

  • “Inattentive” trigger, which uses machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+A.I.) to detect when the driver’s attention may be unfocused or the driver may be experiencing a condition such as fatigue or drowsiness without the reliance on an accelerometer event.
  • Real-time in-cab alerts for five different risky driving behaviors: cell phone use, eating and drinking, smoking, no seatbelt, speeding, and inattentiveness.
  • Behavior duration reporting, which uses MV+A.I. to track and quantify both the duration and percentage of drive time a driver was engaged in a risky driving behavior, providing a more holistic view of persistent risk.

With these new MV+A.I.-powered updates, when an event is detected, Lytx says the DriveCam Event Recorder will issue a real-time in-cab alert to help drivers recognize and address their own risky behaviors and self-correct in the moment. Depending on the behavior, the alert will include a light and/or spoken phrase. Lytx says it can detect more than 60 driving behaviors with greater than 95% accuracy.


Drivers will also have access to new check-in tools allowing them to review their own video and performance after the fact, including behavior duration. If desired, managers can subscribe to push notifications and reports on pertinent information.

Lytx also says it is broadening its safety solutions with Risk Identification Without Recording, a new configuration for its DriveCam Event Recorder. Using Lytx’s MV+A.I., the company says DriveCam is now able to detect patterns of distracted or unwanted driving behaviors inside the cab without recording video of the driver.

This new configuration is designed for fleets who opt to disable in-cab video recording. Drivers can receive the added benefit of Lytx’s expanded in-cab alerts based on risky behaviors that are detected, but not recorded, Lytx says.

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