Mack Trucks launches PreView collision warning technology

Mack Trucks launches PreView collision warning technology

Mack Trucks announced the Sensata Technologies PreView multi-sensor collision warning system is now available for order on the Mack LR, Mack LR Electric and Mack TerraPro models. Mack made the announcement at WasteExpo 2022, May 9-12, at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, Nevada.

Sensata uses four radar sensors–one on the front, one on the rear, and one on each side of the vehicle–to detect objects and vulnerable road users (VRU) that may be located in a driver’s blind spot. VRUs are pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.

When a VRU is detected, an audible alert is sounded and the A-pillar lights flash, offering drivers a notification that there is an object or VRU in a blind spot. The PreView radar system is available as an option and is factory-installed on new builds. Customers may also retrofit their trucks with the system by contacting their local Mack dealer.

PreView is always on. The system requires no maintenance unless something damages it, or a software upgrade is made available.

The Mack LR is a diesel-powered low-entry refuse vehicle that features large windshields, side windows and a rear wraparound window for improved safety. The Mack LR Electric, Mack’s first fully electric Class 8 vehicle, also features the same visibility enhancements.

The Mack TerraPro model, Mack’s versatile workhorse vocational model, features the forward-most window glass in the industry to help keep others on the road and jobsite safe. Along with refuse, the TerraPro model also is available as a concrete pumper and conveyor belt configuration.

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