How to relieve pain at the diesel pump right now

How to relieve pain at the diesel pump right now

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Diesel prices are soaring with no sign of slowing down. The increased cost hits your fleet’s bottom line hard. Here’s what you can do about it: start by spec’ing the right truck features to make sure every drop of diesel goes as far as it can.

Mack Trucks on-highway Class 8 Mack Anthem® offers a collection of fuel-saving features that add up to real savings. The long-haul Anthem model’s integrated aerodynamics, powertrain, intelligent spec’ing and fleet management enhancements provide for maximum fuel efficiency–delivering upwards of 11 MPG, in some cases–and the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Let’s take a look at the first thing you can see: Aerodynamics. The Class 8 on-highway Mack Anthem stand-out aero starts with a front bumper with spoiler and continues down the truck with side shields with flexible extensions and chassis fairing with ground effects. Roof fairing with a height-adjustable trim tab round out the aero offerings that can be customized to any duty cycle and application.

Under the sleek, fuel-saving aerodynamic hood is a Mack® powertrain designed for increased fuel efficiency. The MP®8HE combines the proven performance of Mack’s MP®8 engine with the high efficiency of Mack’s Energy Recovery Technology (ERT) to capture lost energy (exhaust heat), convert it to torque and reduce fuel consumption. Additionally, the improved wave piston design delivers a higher compression ratio inside a lighter, more efficient engine. The design utilizes all available oxygen for a cleaner and more complete burn than standard diesel pistons.

Recent Mack MP8HE engine enhancements yield an additional 3% fuel economy improvement over the previous offering, as well as a larger engine performance sweet spot, which makes the HE engine fuel economy gains available to even more applications, with up to 445 HP at 1850 lb. ft torque to deliver performance and fuel economy.

The efficient engine is paired with Mack’s smartest automated manual transmission yet–the Mack mDRIVE™–to deliver performance and fuel efficiency. A recent standard feature is Predictive Cruise, which uses GPS while monitoring driver speed, engine load and road topography to deliver the most efficient gearing by remembering the characteristics of previously traveled routes. The next time the truck travels the same route, Predictive Cruise ensures the optimal gear for fuel efficiency is chosen. The Econo-Roll feature, now standard on Mack highway trucks, temporarily disengages the driveline during a descent to reduce fuel consumption.

All of these fuel-saving features, and many more, are offered in the Mack HE+ Package, which combines the MP 8HE engine and mDRIVE transmission with aerodynamics to minimize drag, maximize profit and increase fuel efficiency up to 12.5% (compared to similar Mack Anthem without MP8HE engine and HE+ features).

Click here to calculate your fuel savings with the Mack MP8HE engine.

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