Michelin Retread Technologies lowers environmental footprint

Michelin Retread Technologies reports lower environmental footprint

Michelin Retread Technologies in Covington, Ga., has made significant progress in lowering its environmental footprint, which is part of a company-wide commitment and priority to improving what it calls sustainable mobility.

According to the company, the Michelin Retread Technologies facility, which is SmartWay-certified, lowered its footprint by 75% in the areas of emissions, energy consumption, use of water and waste management in the last decade.

“The success in reducing the environmental footprint of the Covington site is a credit to both the plant and central teams who are working together to ensure continued progress toward this key ambition,” said Terry Redmile, Covington plant manager. “There are still opportunities for further improvement, which is why our teams remain actively engaged in further reducing the site’s energy consumption and finding outlets where remaining waste streams can be reutilized.”

Michelin recently installed a regenerative thermal oxidizer, a system which captures volatile organic compound emissions from the finishing lines, allowing the facility to burn off emissions prior to them being released into the atmosphere.

In addition, the plant is able to recycle all its cured rubber scrap, said Michelin.

For more information, visit www.michelintruck.com.

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