Michelin spotlights service, gets 2 millionth ONCall request

Michelin spotlights service, gets 2 millionth ONCall request

At this year’s TMC Fall Meeting, Michelin North America, Inc. announced that its Michelin ONCall Emergency Roadside Service surpassed 2 million roadside tire service events. The downtime-fighting program works in harmony with Michelin’s Maestro digital services platform and allows fleets to track dispatch events in real time through the company’s LiveTrack system, and to receive details including pictures from events with the Michelin FixPix app. Fleets can also take advantage of Michelin’s Electronic Service Dispatch and Electronic Work Order capabilities to reduce downtime even further.

ONCall launched in 2009, and in its first full year, Michelin completed more than 63,000 tire service calls through this service. The company handled more than 243,400 calls in 2020. The Ziegler Tire and Supply Company made the two-millionth ONCall request, and Carmel Novak, Michelin’s director of sales and operations – services and solutions, presented the company’s vice president, John Ziegler, with a plaque to commemorate the occasion during the TMC show.

This year, Michelin enhanced ONCall with a technician app that runs through Maestro. Novak says the app allows techs to receive, accept and process an event all on their mobile devices.

According to Novak, Maestro allows the fleets that use it to find efficient ways to optimize planning and schedule service work to maximize uptime. Part of the program’s value can be found in how Maestro helps to create a stronger working relationship between fleets and their service providers, Novak adds.

“It reduces billing errors and improves service time because everything is digitized,” Novak says. “If you think about it, today, maintenance is a very manual and time-consuming process. Let’s say a service tech leaves a location on Monday morning and is out in a service truck for a week. He comes back with paperwork, then the admin has to go through all the paperwork – and some of it, you can’t read it, there’s coffee spilled on it, maybe it fell in the snow. It takes days that roll into weeks to process and bill correctly.

“But [with Maestro], this is all digitized in real time, so the fleet, once they’re interested in maintenance, can request it. Then the service provider schedules the service, the certified technician does the diagnostic and they can even send pictures in real time to the fleet so there are no surprises. Everything gets processed seamlessly.”

Michelin’s Mechanical Care, launched last year, is also powered through Maestro, giving fleets the ability to combine and outsource all their trailer tire and mechanical maintenance needs through the company’s Michelin Commercial Service Network.

“Soon we’ll be launching Maestro Central – one place where a fleet or service provider can go and see all of their service transactions, whether it’s emergency or preventative,” Novak says.

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