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Milwaukee Tool releases M12 Underbody Light


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

Milwaukee Tool has introduced the M12 Underbody Light. The company says the light provides users with a strong magnetic base and dual rotation points, delivering directional lighting, hands-free work and maneuverability.

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The M12 Underbody Light delivers 1200 Lumens of Trueview High-Definition Output; features dual joints that swivel 300-degrees horizontally and up to 180-degrees vertically; and the underbody light provides users with multiple orientations and pivot points to direct light in numerous locations. A magnetic base allows it to be mounted on magnetic surfaces for hands-free lighting and adaptability to a range of different workplaces. The arm of the light doubles as a 12-in. Magnetic Storage Tray, providing magnetic bolt attachment for small job site accessories, potentially preventing lost or misplaced items. 

Powered by M12 RedLithium batteries, the light has 3 Power Modes that provide up to 15 hours of output and run-time on low, and up to 5 hours of run-time on high. The company says the light is resistant to corrosion and common chemicals found in body shops, IP54 rated, and can withstand impacts up to 6 ft. 



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