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NACV day 2: News from the show floor


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Read on for the news roundup from day two at NACV, and then bookmark this link for daily updates:

On to the news:

International Truck launches severe service HV Series

International Truck launched the International HV Series severe service truck. The HV series will be available with the International A26 12.4L big bore engine and is designed to deliver power, improved driver-features, and reliability for a range of vocational applications, the OEM stated. Read the specs of the new truck here.

Western Star details new product options

Western Star announced the availability of three new product options, including halogen lighting installed on the 4700 models, LED lighting options for the 4800 and 4900 models, an in-cab four-battery box, and Michelin X Multi D tires.  For details, read the full story here.

Volvo Trucks overhauls VHD Vocational Series interiors

Volvo Trucks North America debuted new interiors for the Volvo VHD series, bringing improved driver comfort and productivity features to its vocational lineup. Read more details here.


Detroit Connect Analytics Safety Reporting to be available with Detroit Assurance

Detroit announced that the Detroit Connect Analytics safety reporting feature will be included at no charge for five years with the purchase of the Detroit Assurance suite of safety systems on the new Freightliner Cascadia. Read more here.

Daimler Trucks tests platooning systems on U.S. highways

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has been testing platooning systems on test tracks and select U.S. highway to demonstrate how the new technology can improve fuel efficiency, driver productivity, convenience and safety. Find out more in the full story.



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