NACV day 3: News from the show floor

NACV day 3: News from the show floor

Missed the news at NACV? Read on to catch up with the biggest stories from the show, and then bookmark this link for daily updates: On to the news:


Missed the news at NACV? Read on to catch up with the biggest stories from the show, and then bookmark this link for daily updates:

On to the news:


Bendix updates side object detection system, previews Intellipark automatic parking brake technology

Bendix announced that the first major update in a decade to the Bendix BlindSpotter Side Object Detection System will feature a new, more effective radar unit and integration capability with Bendix Wingman Fusion, the company’s advanced driver assistance technology. Read more about the update here.

Bendix also previewed its soon-to-be-released Intellipark automatic parking brake technology, which you can read about here.


Dana launches SPL 250 driveshaft

Dana says its new driveshaft has been specifically engineered to reduce noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) levels; improve performance; and enhance vehicle dynamics without compromising strength. Read all the specs and details here.


Continental displays ContiConnect digital tire monitoring platform

Continental displayed ContiConnect, a remote tire monitoring system allows fleet managers to see tire pressure and temperature data for the entire fleet in a single web portal. Read more about the system here.

Meritor announces electric solutions platform for commercial vehicles

Meritor announced that it is developing a platform of electric drive axles and suspensions, as well as supporting systems, for the commercial vehicle market. Read the details here. Meritor also announced the Mach brand, a new global aftermarket brand of products, which you can read about here.

Stoughton Trailers unveils a new refrigerated trailer

The design of Stoughton’s new PureBlue refrigerated trailer, debuting at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show, provides one of the lightest weight trailers without sacrificing strength, the company said. Read more details here.

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Manufacturers continue to roll out electric medium-duty trucks

Peterbilt, Kenworth, Navistar, Daimler, Freightliner and Cummins are a few of the companies making recent leaps in electric medium-duty truck development.


Recently, Frito Lay took delivery of its first Peterbilt 220EV, a model introduced in January. Plans at the PepsiCo division are to field six of the battery electric medium-duty trucks.

“Frito-Lay is continuously exploring current and emerging technologies for our freight equipment as we work toward reducing PepsiCo’s absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 20% by 2030,” said Michael O’Connell, vice president of supply chain at PepsiCo.

Executive Interview: Hino stretches into new markets with upgraded, extended equipment offerings

The rollout of Hino’s new XL Series provided the platform for the extended cab and crew cab configurations for both the XL and L Series—which the company showed off in its booth at this year’s NACV show.

Fleet profile: Cargo Transporters is focused on the present and the future

Started in the 1960s as a truck renting and leasing operation, Cargo Transporters found its niche supplying vehicles for the private fleets of furniture manufacturers. As those producers moved away from ownership, the company developed into a carrier of choice for shippers looking to outsource transportation.

Watch: What’s in store for the future of retread manufacturing

Today, retread tires rival their new tire counterparts in both quality and safety, but just like with any other product, there’s still room to build a better mousetrap. Fleet Equipment caught up with a few retread experts to ask: What’s in store for the future of retread tire manufacturing?

Trucking trends of the decade

It’s been a decade of innovation, of technological advancements that have made their way into the trucks on the road today, and some that are only beginning to show what they can do.


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Bosch starts volume production of its fuel-cell power module

By 2030, Bosch plans to generate sales of roughly $5.3 billion with hydrogen technology.

Dana expands Spicer Select drivetrain coverage

Dana has increased the number of Spicer Select primary gearing part numbers with Dana axle model D/S170 and D/S190.

What to know about replacing air disc brake calipers

Even minor differences in caliper construction and performance can cause brake pull or lead one brake to drag and overheat.

PACCAR, Toyota partner on hydrogen Class 8 trucks; Dana discusses the latest commercial fuel regulatory trends

Regulations and growing demand for sustainable solutions are influencing how fleets think about logistics, and suppliers are shifting their strategies to comply.