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National Fleet Products introduces Mad EasyLoad Hoist



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National Fleet Products has unveiled the Mad EasyLoad Hoist. The 12-volt electric hoist is an alternative to post-mounted cranes.

The EasyLoad’s boom can move on two axes, sliding laterally up to 8 ft., depending on the vehicle, and extending up to 45.5 in. in length. There is both a heavy-duty and light-duty variation available. The heavy-duty EasyLoad Hoist weighs 330 lbs. minus its steel framework, which varies according to the vehicle it serves. It has a 1,100-lb. capacity and its boom is 90 inches in length when fully retracted, and its winch uses a three-sixteenth-inch steel cable. The light-duty EasyLoad Hoist can lift up to 550 pounds and weighs only 220 pounds, minus its steel framework. Its boom is 75 in. in length when fully retracted, and it uses a .19-in. steel cable.

Additional features, according to the company, include:

  • Provides full-length boom travel with no loss of capacity;
  • Four-hour installation process;
  • Handheld controls that can be operated with one hand;
  • A door switch prevents the hoist from operating when the vehicle is closed;
  • Quiet operation, allowing verbal communication to continue.



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