Navistar's next step toward trucking sustainability
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Navistar’s next step toward trucking sustainability

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.

The road toward more sustainable transportation equipment is not a straight shot. There are twist and turns as new equipment and fuel types roll out to support existing applications. Battery electric is well suited for regional delivery whereas hydrogen electric fuel cell-driven powertrains are taking aim at long-haul applications. One of the latest sign posts on the sustainability road was Navistar’s announcement that it has partnered with GM and OneH2 to make its first production model International RH Series fuel cell electric vehicle commercially available in model year 2024.

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What’s driving the hydrogen interest? And how does Navistar plan on pulling off a 2024 launch? To find out, I talked with Bob Walsh, vice president of strategy and planning, emerging technologies at Navistar, and Gary Horvat, vice president of e-Mobility, Navistar. Click the story window above to start reading.

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