Netradyne launches new cost, safety, fleet management solutions 

Netradyne launches new cost, safety, fleet management solutions 

The new product suite offers recommended coaching, collision management, fleet safety progress reports and fleet tracking.

Netradyne, a SaaS provider of artificial intelligence (AI) focused on safety and driver coaching for commercial fleets, announced its seasonal launch, which introduces new solutions and updates to its existing product suite. Netradyne’s new features, Recommended Coaching, Collision Management, Fleet Safety Progress Report, and Fleet Tracking, aim to help commercial fleets of all sizes address these challenges and better adapt to the ever-changing economic and industry climates.

The company detailed the new features of the new offerings in a press release.

  • Recommended Coaching: Recommended Coaching automatically identifies the drivers who need coaching the most, the company notes. Using historical driving behavior and AI, Netradyne’s solution sifts through all alerts and provides lists of drivers needing coaching. Weekly update recommendations leverage data from either the last coaching session or the previous six completed weeks. Recommended Coaching alerts will include one to two driving trends contributing to a driver’s score reduction. If a driver receives recent coaching, they will automatically move to the bottom of the list. If a driver ignores a Recommended Coaching alert the week it is provided, they remain in the coaching cue, and their session is in escalation. According to the company, drivers with good scores and a track record of good driving behavior can bypass Recommended Coaching sessions.
  • Collision Management:  Netradyne’s new Collision Management feature can eliminate reporting lags with its precise detection of collisions and ability to provide real-time First Notice of Loss (FNOL) information. Collision Management helps commercial fleets by capturing the event on HD video to submitting an insurance claim. Netradyne can detect the difference between fender benders and head-on-accidents in real-time, which addresses pain points at an early stage, saving fleets time and resources across the board. 
  • Fleet Safety Progress Report: The new Fleet Safety Progress Report provides actionable insights and a concise view of the fleet’s performance. The Driver•i  platform analyzes massive amounts of data compiled from driving behaviors, fleet performances, road data and detected data events and creates easy-to-use reports showing key insights about fleet and driver risk levels. Fleets can negotiate insurance premiums based on actual performances instead of being set by aggregated market data, the company noted. Fleets get a detailed report demonstrating the effectiveness of Netradyne’s safety solutions.
  • Fleet Tracking: Netradyne’s Fleet Tracking offers customers enhanced visibility and optimization across vehicles and fleets with a complete picture of the path of travel and activity. Customers can create location geofences, receive notifications when a vehicle enters and leaves a geofence and share a vehicle’s location with third parties like customers or vendors.

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