New TRU technology

New TRU technology

Transport refrigeration units (TRUs) move toward higher efficiency and lower emissions to meet new regulations.

on the cost of diesel fuel—than running the diesel engine. As a standard feature, Carrier Transicold’s Vector units offer electric standby capability for use with 460-volt power sources, and the new Flex Power option also allows them to tap into 208- to 230-volt sources.”

Food Safety Legislation
In addition to EPA Tier 4 requirements, there also is the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 to consider. Though this rulemaking is ongoing, it does call for greater accountability with regard to maintaining food safety throughout the distribution process, according to Kiefer, who adds he expects to see more data recording and tracking throughout the cold chain.

For refrigerated haulers, Carrier Transicold refrigeration controls can record temperatures maintained in the cargo areas as a standard feature, and also can optionally track door openings and other events, he notes.

“This provides shippers and their customers with records that can be printed or downloaded for temperature verification and claims management,” Kiefer says. “Additionally, telematics-equipped units are capable of relaying this data to a centralized location for a fleet’s record-keeping purposes. Carrier Transicold’s APX control system has the ability to display data recorder trip graphs, providing operators and customers with an at-a-glance visual indicator of conditions within the trailer throughout a delivery run.”

Thermo King
Thermo King said its Precedent S-600M is the most environmentally sensitive diesel trailer temperature control system for multi-temperature operations. The unit features a new diesel direct electric (DDE) architecture that drives optimum efficiencies and helps lower the overall cost of ownership for food distributors. It is designed to meet both EPA and CARB requirements in the greater-than-25 HP category, which include a reduction of 90% in particulate matter and a 30% reduction in nitrogen oxide from the interim standards that have been in effect since 2008. The S-600M, which will be available in the third quarter of 2013, represents the latest addition to the Precedent trailer platform introduced last year by Thermo King. Also included are the S-700, a greater-than-25 HP high capacity single temperature unit with an evergreen engine for use in California; and the C-600, a less-than-25 HP single-temperature unit with an allowed useful life in California of seven years.

Carrier Transicold
The new ultra-high efficiency X4 Series trailer refrigeration platform from Carrier Transicold offers unprecedented performance as well as compliance with EPA Tier 4 emissions requirements, the company said. The X4 Series includes the new 7300 and 7500 single-temperature belt-driven models, both of which use less power to provide higher capacities than Carrier Transicold’s prior platform, as well as competitive equipment designed for 2013 EPA Tier 4 compliance. According to the maker, they are 5% to 20% more fuel-efficient and weigh about 230 lbs. less than competitive equipment designed for 2013 EPA Tier 4 compliance. The units achieve up to 20% faster pulldown and, depending on the model, provide 3% to 9.5% greater cooling capacities, using 24% to 29% less refrigerant.

Great Dane
For the 2014 model year, Great Dane said its Everest reefers incorporate several important new design features. Starting on the exterior, Everest reefers now feature a stainless steel front bottom rail, replacing the aluminum front lower rail used in years past. As part of this new feature, an aluminum extrusion will transition between the front wall sheets and the stainless steel rail, providing for a clean look and superior corrosion resistance, the company said.Great Dane's 2014 model year Everest reefers now feature a stainless steel front bottom—which provides a clean look and superior corrosion resistance—and new PVC outer door seals for durability and ease of installation.

New PVC outer door seals, now standard, offer improved durability and ease of installation. Great Dane’s unique gasket design uses a dual-lip outer seal and a separate inner compression seal to lock in refrigerated air.

Moving to the interior of the trailer, Great Dane said improvements in the heavy-duty duct reefer floor for 2014 Everest models cut weight by 60 lbs. without impacting performance or longevity. This new duct floor features a 16,000-lb. forklift rating, with a centerboard and a common adjustable flashing for all models.

Finally, 2014 Everest models specified with Great Dane’s ThermoGuard impact-resistant, glass-reinforced thermoplastic liner now include a ThermoGuard subpan. By adding this protection to the trailer’s sub-floor area, virtually the entire trailer interior is effectively sealed, meaning customers can look forward to reduced cooling unit run-time, extended refrigeration unit life and lower maintenance costs over the life of the trailer.

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Advantages of Carrier Transicold’s new Vector 8500 single-temperature hybrid trailer refrigeration unit include less weight, better capacity and improved fuel efficiency, according to the company. With the Vector 8500, Carrier is also introducing a fully hermetic electric scroll compressor, used in refrigerated marine container systems, that has 70 percent fewer moving parts and is 200 lbs lighter than a traditional reciprocating compressor.
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