Noregon announces new corporate headquarters and warehouse

Noregon announces new corporate headquarters and warehouse

Noregon recently announced a new corporate headquarters and warehouse. Noregon is an IoT company known for in-shop and remote diagnostic and repair applications. The new headquarters are located at 7823 National Service Road, off I-40 in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The new headquarters – a three-story, 45,600 square-foot facility – brings many of Noregon’s employees together in the same building.

In addition to the upgrade of their headquarters, Noregon also leased a new warehouse space located at 6900B International Drive in Greensboro. The new space doubles the square-footage for its warehouse and configuration teams. “Our new warehouse gives those teams the space and facilities necessary to optimize our inventory strategies and ensure we get our products out to customers in the most efficient manner possible,” Darren Mangus, chief human resources officer, Noregon, explained.

The new corporate headquarters follows Noregon’s opening of a satellite office in Greenville, South Carolina in late 2019. “Our commitment to excellence means hiring and retaining top talent. Our new headquarters along with our innovative space in Greenville gives us a major recruiting footprint around some of the greatest universities,” said Mangus.

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