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NRS Brakes highlights benefits of galvanized steel brake pads


NRS Brakes highlights the benefits of truck brake pads made with galvanized steel.

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Galvanized brake-pad sets have mechanically attached premium friction on a galvanized-steel backing plate. This galvanized-steel plate helps fight against rust and corrosion and allows the friction to wear out instead of fall apart, NRS Brakes says. This construction prolongs the life of brake pads since the protected steel will not rot and fall apart before the friction has a chance to wear down. Mechanical retention also has been specified by OEM on many medium- and heavy-duty applications.

Last fall, NRS Brakes added 57 new SKUs to its North American-made galvanized brake pad lineup, representing coverage for an additional 1,600 vehicles applications. NRS Brakes include technology such as the noise cancelling piston insert in addition to the electronic wear sensor, which NRS Brakes says gives an accurate gauge on how much brake pad life is left.



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