OnTerra Systems announces January 2022 RouteSavvy software enhancements
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OnTerra Systems announces January 2022 RouteSavvy software enhancements


OnTerra Systems, the developers of RouteSavvy route planning software for small businesses, has announced January 2022 RouteSavvy software enhancements. The company says highlights of January 2022 RouteSavvy software enhancements include the following:

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  • New Route Cloning Function – RouteSavvy’s new route cloning function is a faster way to create a new route based by cloning an existing route and then making additional changes.
  • Address Auto populate Function – Users can start typing the address of a new stop, and RouteSavvy automatically will suggest address options for users to choose based on their IP address and geographic location. RouteSavvy will provide a dropdown list of nearby options that can be chosen. RouteSavvy also features points of interest, i.e., landmarks that might require deliveries, pickups, sales calls or service calls which don’t have a specific address. Examples include parks, golf courses, dumpsters, any business location and more.
  • Enhanced Route Line Display – RouteSavvy now can display a route on top of territories, delivery radiuses or other shapes on the map.
  • Quick Zoom Function – When users add a new address into RouteSavvy for route planning, they can use a new function to zoom to that location on the map with one click.
  • Drive Distance & Drive Time Now Exportable – Once RouteSavvy has generated an optimized route, that route can either be printed & given to drivers or exported to a driver’s cell phone or tablet to be synched with a turn-by-turn navigation system. As part of the route export process, drive distance and drive time data now will be exported.
  • Support For SSL – RouteSavvy is unique in that routing information is stored with the user’s browser. This preserves security because sensitive data is not stored on a central RouteSavvy nor does it travel over the internet, thus reducing the need to use SSL encryption. However, for those businesses or non-profits that would prefer to be operating on an SSL designation, RouteSavvy now offers that option.

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