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NACFE turns its focus to electric truck in regional haul applications

Through its extensive work on regional haul and electric trucks, the North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has determined that regional trucking operations are well suited to be early adopters of electric trucks. It is also a rather large segment of the market with sufficient scale to have a big impact on the industry.

Podcast: Talking truck tires with Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier

Beyond our recent cover story, here are a few more topics covered by Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier.

Geotab introduces two tools to help fleets go electric

Electric vehicle battery health has a direct impact not only on maximum usable range over time but also the vehicle’s residual value

Geotab Connect live blog: Day 1 (Updated)

Fleet Equipment is at Geotab Connect, on the exhibit floor, bouncing in and out of keynotes and panels, and interviewing Geotab’s executive team, phone in one hand, laptop in another to bring you the Geotab Connect live blog.

Podcast: Talking autonomous trucks and the focus on the customer with Kenworth’s Kevin Baney

Kevin Baney, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president, is interviewed in the latest edition of the Fleet Future podcast.

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Eaton Cummins expands application coverage of Endurant 12-speed overdrive transmission

Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies is expanding the application coverage for the Endurant 12-speed overdrive transmission. Effective January 2020, pickup & delivery, certain construction, refuse and agriculture applications are approved with Endurant.

Western Star brings tough to technology

Just because a job is hard doesn’t mean that the solution has to be. The Western Star team tackles it from all angles.

Trimble experts talk transparently about your toughest trucking questions

Fleet Equipment has gathered strategy experts from all throughout Trimble Transportation to answer your toughest questions about data, privacy, artificial intelligence and more.

Verizon Connect’s Erin Cave sees the future of connected commercial vehicles

Data-gathering technology companies are asking themselves the same question you are: What do I do with all this data? You think you have a lot of data, but telematics companies like Verizon Connect have exponentially more, and their goal is to bring you answers that allow you to focus on running your fleet. One of the company’s latest strategies leverages machine learning—a subset of artificial intelligence that leans on algorithms and statistical models to analyze massive amounts of data and produce actionable recommendations.

Peterbilt’s Jason Skoog aims to deliver performance on every platform

Jason Skoog, one of the freshest faces in truck OEM leadership, leverages a depth of market knowledge – thanks to more than 25 years of trucking experience within PACCAR – in his position as Peterbilt general manager and PACCAR vice president to help ensure Peterbilt delivers on equipment expectations, continues the development of electric trucks and automated driver assistance systems, and wins the battle to better dealer service operations.