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Cooper Pro Series LHT tires now standard on Vanguard Van Trailers

Vanguard National Trailer Corp. is including the Cooper Tire Pro Series LHT trailer tire as standard equipment on all dry and refrigerated van trailers built at its Monon, Ind.; Trenton, Ga.; Moreno Valley, Calif.; and Sarnia, Ontario, Canada locations. According to Charlie Mudd, president and chief executive officer of Vanguard, the move to Cooper’s Pro

Cooper launches Roadmaster RM258 WD winter drive tire

Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster brand has introduced the Roadmaster RM258 WD. Featuring an open shoulder design with four rows of lugs, the tire is three-peak mountain snowflake certified. Helping the tire achieve that rating are shoulder notches and chevron grooves for bite in winter conditions, Cooper says. It was designed for regional applications, and comes in

Cooper releases new Roadmaster tires for vans, delivery trucks

Cooper Tire’s Roadmaster brand has added two new tires for the final mile, pick-up and delivery and emergency vehicle segments. The Roadmaster RM257 drive and Roadmaster RM170+ steer, both 19.5-in. tires, will soon be available for order through Roadmaster dealers. The Roadmaster RM257 tire, with 18/32nds of tread depth on the 225 size, and 19/32nds

Podcast: Talking truck tires with Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier

Beyond our recent cover story, here are a few more topics covered by Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier.

Cooper adds new drive tire to Severe Series

Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. has introduced the new Cooper Severe Series Mixed Service Drive (MSD), the latest product in its Severe Series. A deep 32/32nds tire, the Cooper Severe Series MSD is designed to handle tough off-road conditions while delivering long, even wear that fleets require on the road, Cooper says. “The new Cooper

Four trends that will affect your next set of truck tires

I’ve spent my fair share of time around truck tire dealers, and I’ll tell you what–-they are one heck of a dedicated group of people. They want you to have the truck tires you need, dedicating their lives to getting you the right rubber for your application-–long-haul, last mile delivery, forestry, fighting crime, whatever. Nowadays,

Putting together a solid truck tire service program is a marathon, not a sprint

If the engine is the beating heart of the truck, and the telematics system its brain, then the tires are the legs, enabling it to complete its runs day in and day out. Like any good runner, you can’t expect to make good time on your runs, or complete them incident-free, without a good care

Goodyear, Voyomotive partner on tire monitoring solutions

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. is collaborating with Voyomotive, a connected car technology company, to pilot tire monitoring solutions for more efficient operation of vehicles in the U.S. This service is being provided to Voyomotive consumer and fleet customers. This Goodyear-enabled service captures and analyzes relevant tire performance data to detect slow loss of

The one tire maintenance focus to bring you certainty in uncertain times

If there’s one thing we all need a little of right now, it’s stability. Something we can depend upon. Something that, no matter what happens, if we just focus on this one thing, everything will be okay. Lean in closer, fleet friends, because I know that one thing. Are you ready? Proper tire inflation. Now,

Scrap tire analysis thoughts from trucking’s top minds

See the rising sun behind the peaks of that pile of rubber? There’s gold in them there black hills, fleet managers. Gold in the form of information–a tale of your tire operations, maintenance and pressure management practices. So don some protective gloves and let’s start grabbing some scrap tire rubber out of the pile to