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Fear of tire wear doesn’t have to be a path to the Dark Side

If there’s one thing trucking publications like to harp on, it’s taking care of your tires so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of them. Hopefully, at one time or another one of these columns has brought about the inspiration to go have a look at those tires yourself. And, maybe, particularly

Truck tire wear darkside
Finding the cause of truck tire failures

Think about the last time you dealt with a truck tire failure. Maybe there were huge safety consequences, maybe it hit your operating costs harder than anything else. Regardless of what happened after the failure, can you remember why the failure happened in the first place? What about the cause of the last five truck

Finding Scrap Truck Tire Failure Causes
What the Super Ball can teach us about truck tires

Remember the Super Ball? Invented by chemist Norman Stingley in the ’60s, these toys are known for their extreme bounciness, taking the classic rubber bouncy ball to much higher heights (literally). But there’s no secret spring inside. It’s made of just rubber like its classic cousin. So, what makes it bouncier? The answer, according to

Truck tire inflation tips and tricks

“An engineer told me something early in my career–the tire isn’t what carries the load, the air is what carries the load,” said Jason Miller, national fleet channel sales manager, Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. Miller is keenly aware that tire inflation isn’t the most exciting topic in the truck tire world, but it’s definitely

How engineers figure out the right tread patterns for your truck tires

What if I told you your tire tread defines more than just the traction and rolling resistance of your tires? Tread patterns affect all kinds of performance criteria for your trucks, like traction and braking, tire removal mileage, fuel efficiency, maneuverability, noise, driver comfort, tire durability and resistance to stone retention and stone drilling. This

What goes into truck tire performance validation?

Cooper Tires pulls back the tire development curtain for a behind-the-scenes look.

Truck tire experts on regional application solutions

Fleet Equipment brought together seven tire manufacturers to talk about getting the best tire solution for regional applications.

The benefits built into truck tire sidewalls

Where the truck tire rubber doesn’t meet the road.

Protecting the tire bead means protecting the truck

Maintaining the proper levels of inflation in a truck’s tires is a crucial aspect of keeping drivers safe and the truck fuel-efficient. But there’s another, often overlooked reason to make pre- and post-trip tire inflation inspections part of a driver’s daily routine: protecting the tire bead.

Understanding the truck tire compounding process

Commercial truck tires have basic ingredients. It all starts with a mixture of mostly natural rubber and/or some synthetic rubber, filler materials (typically carbon black and silica), waxes and oils as well as various chemical additives that promote elasticity, eco-friendliness and durability.