Peak unveils heavy-duty engine oil for SCR, CNG/LNG engines

Peak Commercial & Industrial unveils heavy-duty engine oil for SCR, CNG/LNG engines

Peak Commercial & Industrial, the makers of BlueDEF, has introduced 10W-30 motor oil specifically engineered for SCR engines. Additionally, the company has also developed products specifically for the growing compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquid natural gas (LNG) engine market.

“Leveraging our extensive knowledge of SCR engines through the development of the number one brand diesel exhaust fluid—BlueDEF—we’ve been able to deliver additional top-performing fluids to meet the ever-changing needs of the fleet manager,” said Sean Wheatley, senior brand manager, Peak Commercial & Industrial.

SCR engines operate at higher temperatures that not only burn off harmful emissions, but also allow the engine to use fuel more efficiently, said Peak. This increased efficiency combined with Peak Premium Synthetic Blend SCR HD 10W-30 Motor Oil, can increase fuel economy up to 4.5% (vs. 15W-40 in EGR engines), according to the company.

With the increased engine temperature with SCR engines, negative effects on the engine can occur such as corrosion and soot-induced wear. According to the manufacturer, Peak SCR diesel engine oil is engineered with an advanced dispersant chemistry that:

  • Stops soot agglomeration from preventing proper engine lubrication;
  • Protects against corrosive wear common in SCR engines;
  • Reduces oil consumption and emissions;
  • Resists viscosity loss and thickening from heavy soot loading and oxidation;
  • Reduces sludge and carbon deposits;
  • Offers low-temperature pumpability which enables faster start-up and reduced engine wear in low temperatures; and
  • Protects against sheer down.

For the growing CNG and LNG markets, Peak Commercial & Industrial is also unveiling specialty engine oil. Peak 15W-40 CNG & LNG engine oil is a low-ash, heavy-duty engine oil designed for use in bus, delivery and service truck fleets where compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas or propane is used. It meets Cummins CES20074 and Detroit Diesel PGOS 93K16 quality level requirements and is designed specifically for oxidation and nitration resistance.

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