PeopleNet updates software for 34-Hour Restart suspension

PeopleNet updates software for 34-Hour Restart suspension

PeopleNet announced that it has completed all required Hours of Service system updates to suspend the July 1, 2013, US Federal 34-Hour Restart provisions.

Effective immediately, once a driver completes a logout/leave/login on their display, the system will automatically recalculate the driver’s last cycle (last seven or eight days) and apply the new requirements for a 34-Hour restart. This process will clear all “invalid” cycle violations and provide the correct cycle hours available both on the in-cab display and on the PeopleNet Fleet Manager, noted the service provider.

In order to ensure  that the driver’s cycle hours are calculated using a valid restart, PeopleNet recommends that fleet owners prepare drivers to follow the instructions as outlined below:

For those drivers that completed their last 34-Hour Off Period on 12/14/2014 or 12/15/2014:

  • If operating on a US Federal 60/7 Cycle: Drivers should complete a logout/leave/login after your terminal start time on December 23, 2014;
  • If operating on a US Federal 70/8 Cycle: Drivers should complete a logout/leave/login after your terminal start time on December 24, 2014;
  • For those drivers that have taken a 34-Hour Off period on or after 12/16/2014, please advise that they can complete a logout/leave/login at any time.

For example, if a driver took 34 hours off on 12/20 and 12/21; the in-cab display and PeopleNet Fleet Manager will show the driver in cycle violation on the morning of 12/22 if they exceeded their cycle available hours. Once the driver completes a logout/leave/login and selects the applicable US Federal Regulation, the system will recalculate under the new rules and clear the cycle violation.

Drivers can also view the HOS Summary screen and validate that they no longer have access to the 34 Hour Reset Start & Complete line items, after they complete a logout/leave/login (see image above). This will ensure that they are operating under the US Federal Regulation with suspension of the 34-Hour Restart provision (meaning that any 34-Hour Off period will reset their Cycle), said PeopleNet.

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