Peterson unveils corrosion-resistant modular harness system
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Peterson unveils corrosion-resistant modular harness system


Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.

Peterson Manufacturing announced its PetersonPATRIOT Modular Harness System that aims to protect wiring harness and lights from corrosion, reduce maintenance costs, and trailer downtime. PetersonPATRIOT was designed to provide a strong defense against moisture intrusion and corrosion with a modular layout to address the following harnessing applications:

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• Fleets that want advanced corrosion protection and a flexible, modular solution;
• Fleets that turn their trailers over every 5-7 years; and
• Fleets with standard configurations or limited add-on electrical accessories

Boasting a five-year warranty against defects and corrosion, the PetersonPATRIOT is a modular harness system with a distribution module that connects all the lighting components to a small footprint central hub to provide corrosion resistance and troubleshooting and repair. PetersonPATRIOT’s distribution module is the key component of the new design, the manufacturer noted. It uses a circuit board as the junction box which keeps it flexible, compact, and fully protected from moisture intrusion. The compact size also provides manufacturers and fleets maximum flexibility when choosing a mounting location.

Each harness component has industry proven amp-style connectors to stop moisture with silicon seals and built-in locking clips. The connectors are color coded by function, with keyed, one-way connectors. If a repair is needed, PetersonPATRIOT’s modular design allows troubleshooting and replacement of a damaged cable without disturbing the entire system, Peterson Mfg. noted.

Additional components of the PetersonPATRIOT include: Maxi-Seal technology with over-molded amp-style connectors to keep moisture out; Integrated Moisture Barrier to stop moisture from wicking throughout the entire system when a wire is damaged; J560 connector; bullet connectors with molded in O-rings and detents offering secondary locking and improved sealing; and ring terminals with adhesive-filled heat-shrink connectors

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