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Phillips Industries announces new partnership


During a press conference held at the Technology and Maintenance Council 2014 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, Phillips Industries announced a partnership with Innotec.  The new partnership will offer Innotec’s unique Boardfree LED lights packaged with Phillips’ Sta-Dry trailer harnesses. This partnership signifies Phillips’ entrance into the exterior trailer LED lighting market.

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In September 2013, TMC issued RP-704C recommending a “whole-systems” approach when specifying new trailers to address electrical problems. Exterior lighting was the only piece of the trailer electrical system not provided by Phillips so the company pursued a partner. Phillips Industries’ choice of Innotec to provide the exterior lights to complete the package takes advantage of Innotec’s world-class reputation, processes and experience.

Phillips’ Sta-Dry harness systems, available for a wide range of trailer applications, are trusted at fleets because they are:

    • Built to take more abuse
    • Handle harsher weather conditions
    • Simple to install and maintain

Innotec and their patented Boardfree LED lights fit Phillips’ prerequisite for highly engineered products and they are manufactured in the U.S.

Other features and benefits of the new lights are:

  • 3D forming to direct light in various directions
  • Sealed components completely protected from environmental issues
  • Diodes directly mounted to circuitry to efficiently dissipate heat
  • Thin profile results in superior strength

By combining Phillips’ popular Sta-Dry trailer harness and Innotec’s Boardfree lights, fleets will experience the ultimate in compatibility and systems engineering, combined warranty coverage for both lights and harnesses, and a streamlined supply base.


This initial program launch will be for OEMs only, with a planned aftermarket launch by June 2014.



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