Phillips wins social responsibility award at European Business Forum

Phillips wins social responsibility award at European Business Forum

The Leaders of Social Responsibility awards for Good Company, Good Employer, and Eco Company were presented during the European Business Forum 2022.   

Phillips Poland Sp. z.o.o was honored with a Leaders of Social Responsibility award during the European Business Forum 2022 in Katowice, Poland, on November 22, 2022. 

The Leaders of Social Responsibility Program is designed to disseminate the principles of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in companies and institutions operating in Poland. The program aims to identify leaders in implementing the assumptions of responsible business activities and investments in ecology, employee policy, and employer branding.

The Leaders of Social Responsibility 2022 awards for Good Company, Good Employer, and Eco Company categories were presented during the closing ceremony of the European Business Forum 2022.   

Phillips Poland Sp. z.o.o received its award in the Good Employer category and was presented to Julita Mazurkiewicz, president of the management board. In her acceptance speech, Mazurkiewicz stressed the importance of building a strong workforce foundation with a long-term perspective. “Creating a close-knit team is essential for the organization to succeed, and everyone on our team played a role in attaining this honor for Phillips Poland.” Mazurkiewicz identified initiatives the company took to build and maintain a committed workforce, all working towards the same goals. “We provide working conditions that encourage our employees to stay with us. We invest in safety and job security and invest in our workers and their development, which brings tangible benefits in the long term. By investing in our employees, we achieve success together. The key is communication and listening to each other.”

Phillips Poland Sp. z.o.o is an operating unit of Phillips-Europe, a strategic business unit of US-based Phillips Industries. 

It manufactures, markets, and distributes air brake, electrical, and engineered composites from its centrally located facility in Łodz province, Poland.  

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