Phillips touts T/T Pair tractor, trailer 'smart seven-way socket' at TMC

Phillips touts T/T Pair tractor, trailer ‘smart seven-way socket’ at TMC

The T/T Pair by Phillips aims to enhance tractor-trailer connectivity, security, and maintenance practices.

Phillips Industries announced the T/T Pair, a “smart seven-way socket” that provides tractor and trailer pairing, designed to replace the existing Phillips QCS2 Socket. In just 1 minute, swap the seven-way socket for a patented T/T Pair socket and avoid any additional wiring or installation, the company noted during a press conference held at TMC. Using the existing (blue) power wire in the J560 plug, the T/T Pair establishes a communication link, using a PLC transceiver housed within the socket itself, which immediately identifies and communicates the tractor/trailer pairing to any BLE integrated ELD or trailer telematics device, ensuring that the right tractor is pulling the right trailer.

Phillips’ T/T Pair has a non-corrosive, unbreakable molded design that keeps corrosion out of the electrical systems, the company noted. The Phillips T/T pair is compatible with Phillips’ QCS2 seven-way socket which is standard equipment on nearly all trucks and the majority of trailers in North America, T/T Pair is compatible with OEM-installed S7 Break-Away Box, i-BOX, QBOX, VOLT-BOX and QCS2 Harnesses.

T/T Pair increases security by allowing immediate alerting of unauthorized trailer use and identifying unauthorized users, thereby mitigating risks, the company stated. In addition to security, it couples with Phillips Connect’s Smart Trailer systems, which monitor trailer health metrics, including door status, tire pressure, temperature and the status of ATIS, regulator and air tanks. In critical situations, drivers receive high-severity trailer health warnings.

The T/T Pair is designed to work with any BLE-equipped trailer telematics or ELD device, but it will be available to Phillips Connect customers first. The Connect1 platform delivers real-time status updates, historical trends, on-demand notifications, alerts, and reporting, and geofencing capabilities, among other features.

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