Photo gallery: Take a tour of the PSI manufacturing floor

Photo gallery: Take a tour of the PSI manufacturing floor

The last time we caught up with Pressure Systems International (PSI) during their annual event, it was 2019, they had just surpassed 1.5 million units in the field and COVID wasn’t a thing that most people in the world had ever heard about. Clearly, a lot has changed, but one thing has remained constant: PSI has kept pushing forward, with more than 1.8 million Meritor Tire Inflation Systems now working out in the wild.

On a personal note, I hadn’t been to the PSI HQ in six years and while the company’s manufacturing focus is still squarely set on quality people producing quality equipment, there were definite changes on the line. Robotics and automation is finding it’s way into PSI’s traditionally hand-made automatic tire inflation systems. Make no mistake, there are still plenty of people there touching the product. The new level of automation replaces manual labor tasks that wore on their workforce. During the tour, there was no shortage of “no way we’re going back to the old ways” from those on the line.

So take a visual walk down the PSI manufacturing line with this gallery and click here to read about how PSI is pushing its technology forward in our event coverage story.

Meritor Tire Inflation System Demo
PSI’s Mike Niemeyer kicked us off with a walk around the Meritor Tire Inflation System by PSI.
PSI Tire Inflation System Cut Away
Eagle-eyed viewers might notice those what-look-like-bulky valve stem caps on the lines. Those sensors are powering PSI’s ever-advancing tire telematics offerings.
PSI TireView Sensor
A closer look at the cutaway. You can get a better look at the aforementioned sensors. If my eagle-eyed readers are still with us, they might have spotted a thin coil kinda curving, peeking over the stator in the middle of that wheel end. That will enable the digital ThermALERT that PSI previewed during the event.
PSI hose Line
Onto the PSI hose line assembly.
PSI Hose Line in action
The hose line hard at work.
PSI Thru Tee Line
We’ve arrived at the Thru-Tee line.
PSI Thru Tee Automation
Here’s some of that automation in action.
Onto the ThermALERT assembly line.
PSI ThermALERT Hand Made
It’s still a hands-on process …
but robotics has boosted productivity on the line.
PSI Control Box LIne
Is that true for the control box line as well?
It is. Testing and calibrating control boxes used to be a manual system. Now computers help to increase accuracy.
PSI Stator Line
The stator line was the home stretch.
PSI Stator QC
Like every line on the floor, quality control is of the utmost importance.

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