Plus releases PlusProtect AI safety technology

Plus releases PlusProtect AI safety technology

Through cameras, radar and AI software, PlusProtect can see 650 ahead and can detect objects in its lane and nearby lanes.

Plus launched its new technology called PlusProtect, which it said is an AI-based software that enhances next-generation safety systems for all vehicle types with functionalities like high performance automatic collision mitigation.

Plus said key features of PlusProtect include high performance automatic emergency braking (AEB), expanded-coverage lane departure warning, traffic jam assist, predictive fuel optimization, self-calibrated sensors and over-the-air updates. Additional options include GSR-compliant features and an extracted event data recorder that can provide a recording of a vehicle’s operational data immediately preceding and following a safety critical event.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 60,000 rear-end crashes a year involve a heavy vehicle striking another vehicle. Plus said safety systems help contribute to enhanced road safety, adding that PlusProtect is a scalable technology that allows global Tier 1 automotive suppliers and vehicle manufacturers to offer greatly enhanced safety features in their next-generation safety systems. According to the company, these features would address performance requirements mandated for AEB on all passenger vehicles and light trucks by September 2029. AEB is also expected to be mandated in heavy vehicles (gross vehicle weight rating of more than 10,000 pounds).

Plus tells us that PlusProtect’s features are made possible by using cameras and radars to see objects more than approximately 650 ft. ahead. PlusProtect also has full situational awareness to understand where the vehicle is located and what objects are in its own lane as well as nearby lanes, according to Plus.

The company adds that PlusProtect technology helps to significantly reduce false positives and can also handle AEB on curved roads.

“While improved road safety underlies all of our solutions, we created PlusProtect specifically to enable Tier 1s and OEMs to build market-leading next-generation safety systems,” said Shawn Kerrigan, chief operations officer and co-founder at Plus. “Features such as high-performance collision mitigation not only necessitate a new technology approach, adopting PlusProtect as part of the integrated safety solutions also helps them pave the way for higher levels of automation in their product portfolio.”

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