Podcast: Extras from FE's Mack Trucks Executive Interview
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Fleet Future Podcast

Podcast: Extras from FE’s Mack Trucks Executive Interview

Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

Art by Tammy House

Every month on Fleet Equipment, we do a big, wide-ranging executive interview with one major company in the industry, and this month it was Mack Trucks. The story centered in part on their new LR Electric, which is currently being tested by a couple of fleets and will enter production soon.

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You can check that story out on Fleet Equipment today, but my conversation with Mack was a wide-ranging one, and it couldn’t be confined to the written story.

So here’s Jonathan Randall, Mack Trucks senior vice president of North American sales and commercial operations, with a bit more info on Mack’s role when it comes to infrastructure, charging, and everything else that will go along with making electrification more widespread. Listen below, and find more episodes of the podcast here.

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