The reality of predictive truck maintenance
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The reality of predictive truck maintenance

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


Predictive truck maintenance technology is already here. The problem is, you probably aren’t ready for it. That’s according to Pete Russo, senior vice president of innovation and strategy, Decisiv.

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So what’s holding you back?

In short, operations; the ability act upon the information or to tailor the data to your specific fleet. Maintenance data has been amassing for years, the ability to crunch through the huge lake of data has been realized thanks to powerful computing power, and cloud technology allows you to stream that data to where ever you are on whatever device you want to see it on. As a fleet manager, you will play a role in bringing this technology to your fleet.

To find out how to do that, watch the video above.

Being more Decisiv

Decisiv has its finger on the pulse of truck service operations, tracking thousands of heavy-duty service instances a day. Click the link below to watch another Decisiv converstation.

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