Reduce Truck Toll Management Headaches

Reduce Truck Toll Management Headaches

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Motor carriers operating on the nation’s toll roads, bridges and tunnels know that using toll routes can save time compared with alternate routes. But they also recognize the major challenges that managing toll costs and agency invoices present. After all, trucking companies commonly use over 300 tolled facilities in the United States. In turn, more than 100 different toll agencies manage those facilities with each operating at least a bit differently from the others.

PrePass Plus is the only service for motor carriers that provides both comprehensive weigh station bypass and electronic toll payment services using a single transponder. This helps save fleets both time and money. But did you know, as part of this service you can solve the challenges of toll invoices with the addition of INFORM Tolling software?

A new whitepaper, “Toll Management Software Helps Carriers Save Time and Money,” explains how to use INFORM Tolling to manage toll invoices.

INFORM™ Tolling is an easy-to-use data visualization software tool that helps carriers quickly identify toll discrepancies and streamline the toll reconciliation process. Unlike the monthly mailed invoices carriers receive from multiple toll agencies, INFORM Tolling offers a single online statement, updated daily, allowing fleets to drill down on questionable toll transactions or analyze trends for operational improvement. INFORM provides actionable data at a click of the mouse.

In addition, you can download toll data, tables and charts directly from INFORM Tolling into standard computer formats for communication with staff, terminal managers, drivers, and other stakeholders. Best of all, INFORM Tolling comes at no extra charge to PrePass Plus customers.

With “Toll Management Software Helps Carriers Save Time and Money,” you will learn how INFORM Tolling meets each of the four challenges of toll invoice management:

  • Excessive paperwork
  • Violations and billing errors
  • Costly dispute resolution
  • No final accounting of resolutions

INFORM Tolling cuts through the paperwork, bypasses refund and dispute delays, and allows a fleet to quickly identify, document and challenge tolling anomalies. INFORM Tolling also offers the individualized toll dispute formats each tolling agency requires, so you can make challenges online accurately, without concern that the toll agency will ignore or reject them. And if you need help with a dispute, PrePass staff is there to help manage the process for you.

Start working to improve your toll management and eliminate tolling headaches. Read the “Toll Management Software Helps Carriers Save Time and Money” whitepaper now. 

PrePass: Strategic consultants at work for you

PrePass® consultants provide industry and technical expertise to boost improvement within your organization. We start by understanding your business operation, goals, objectives, and business challenges. Together, PrePass helps you improve safety, reduce compliance risk, and control operating costs within a single, comprehensive program. This includes weigh station bypass, toll payment management and data insight tools. Learn more at Contact PrePass today at or by calling (800) 773-7277, option #2.

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