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Reman components

As fleets strive to maximize uptime and equipment life, reman components are becoming more popular.


As fleets strive to maximize uptime and equipment life, reman components are becoming more popular, notes Doug Wolma, general manager of worldwide operations, Meritor, Aftermarket. “Remanufactured components are a smart price-point alternative for fleets of all sizes and vehicles of all ages given current market economic conditions,” he says. “The increased sale of used trucks has brought a step up in the number of remanufactured components being purchased to outfit many of those same used or older vehicles.”

Wolma goes on to say that fleet goals for reman components include high quality, lower price, warranty and availability of the exact model needed. “Remanufactured truck and trailer components should be the product of a disassembly, cleaning, rigorous inspection, reassembly and testing process,” he adds. “When those processes are employed, reman components can be ideal for fleets that want performance, service life and warranty support without the cost associated with a new component.”

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Detroit Reman
Remanufacturing provides fleets with a number of benefits, notes Detroit Reman, which produces a wide range of components for Class 8 North American vehicles. Among them are the ability to use high quality components based on original specifications and current engineering upgrades that are backed by factory warranty protection. Detroit Reman also points out how remanufacturing is a form of recycling because it avoids the use and cost of energy and raw materials to build replacement components.

Steps in the Detroit Reman remanufacturing process include disassembly and inspection of the entire component. Salvageable, non-wear parts that meet quality standards are cleaned and reconditioned. Recovered parts are put on an assembly line, much like the one used in original manufacturing operations, along with required new parts. Once the remanufactured unit is assembled, it is fully tested using the same quality evaluations used for new components.

Detroit Reman products include two-cycle Series 53, 71, 92 and 149 engines and Series 60, Series 50, MBE 4000 and MBE 900 four-cycle diesels. Also offered are automatic and manual transmissions, axles, air compressors, fuel pumps, governors, balance shafts, cylinder heads, blowers, mechanical and electronic fuel injectors, connecting rods, oil pumps, crankshafts, rocker arms, turbochargers, water pumps, particulate filters and electronic parts.

Cummins ReCon
A full line of components and complete ReCon engines is offered by Cummins for on-highway vehicles. ReCon products are the result of a remanufacturing process at Cummins that begins with complete disassembly, nonabrasive cleaning methods and extensive testing to ensure restored parts meet quality standards for reuse. Parts that do not meet factory standards, or items that have been upgraded since they were originally designed, are replaced. Individual components also are tested prior to assembly, and complete assemblies must pass quality tests.

In Cummins ReCon engines, Long Block models get remanufactured or replaced cylinder block, crankshaft, cylinder heads, camshaft, connecting rods, main bearings, pistons, cylinder liners, tappets, push tubes, rocker lever assemblies and water pumps. Injectors also are replaced, while the long block option allows reuse of external components such as the turbo, lift pump, air compressor, starter, alternator, ECM, fuel pump and fuel lines. In Short Block models, the cylinder block, crankshaft, pistons, connecting rods/bearings, liners (for C Series and larger), water pump, seals and fasteners are remanufactured or replaced.

Mack Trucks
The new Mack Purebred Overhaul program for the manufacturer’s E7 engines is offered in four versions, including:

• The Basic overhaul package contains all Mack Genuine parts, filters and fluids needed for an in-frame engine overhaul.

• The Plus package includes all the benefits of the Basic package and adds ReMack cylinder heads.

• The Premium package includes all the benefits of the Plus package and adds a Mack Genuine turbo and injector set.

• The ReMack Engine package combines a remanufactured three-quarter engine, a Mack Genuine turbo and set of six injectors, filters and fluids.

All Mack overhaul kits come with a standard two-year/unlimited mileage warranty, which includes parts and labor when installed by an authorized Mack dealer. Purebred three-year/350,000-mile extended coverage warranty is standard with Premium and ReMack Engine packages, and is available for purchase with the Basic and Plus packages when installed by an authorized Mack dealer.


ReMack assemblies and components include E6, E7, E-Tech, Asset and MP Series engines, Maxi-Torque T200 and T300 series and mDrive automated manual transmissions, and the OEM’s 92, 93, 150, 151, 200 Series, 95 and 96 model carriers. Also offered are turbochargers, cylinder heads, rocker arm assemblies, fuel injectors, coolant pumps, Muzzle Loaders ready to install into cylinder bores, and fuel supply pumps.

Volvo Trucks
The new Volvo Guaranteed Overhaul (GO) program for D12 engines has four options:

• The GO Basic overhaul package contains all Volvo Genuine parts, filters and fluids needed for an in-frame engine overhaul.

• The GO Plus option delivers the same benefits of the GO Basic package and adds Volvo Reman cylinder heads.

• The GO Premium includes all items in the GO Plus package, and a Volvo Genuine turbo and injector set.

• The GO Reman Engine package combines a Volvo Reman three-quarter engine, Volvo Genuine turbo and a set of six injectors, filters and fluids.

A three-year/350,000-mile extended warranty is included on GO Premium and GO Reman Engine packages when installed by an authorized Volvo dealer. The extended warranty also is available for purchase with the GO Basic and GO Plus packages and requires installation by an authorized dealer.

Volvo Reman also offers remanufactured cylinder heads and coolant pumps for D12 engines.

Eaton and Fuller remanufactured parts certified to meet or exceed OEM specifications include Solo and Easy Pedal clutches and Flex Reman and Standard Reman transmissions. Eligible transmission cores for buyback include the FRO-16210C, FR-15210B, RTX-16710B, RTLO-16713A, RTLO-18918B and T-14607A/B. Eligible clutch cores for buyback include the 15.5-in. Easy Pedal Advantage and 14-in. Stamped Angle Spring models.

Eaton also has introduced a bundle package for its lineup of remanufactured components that extends the standard two-year warranty coverage on an Eaton Fuller Reman transmission to three years with the combined purchase and installation of an Eaton Advantage Series clutch and Roadranger-approved lubricant.

Allison ReTran transmissions are remanufactured at Allison Transmission remanufacturing facilities. Factory-trained technicians disassemble the transmission part by part to clean, qualify and test each component and screen for the possibility of reuse. Transmission parts in good condition are machined to updated specs and many parts in an Allison ReTran transmission are replaced. All Allison ReTran units undergo and pass rigorous evaluations, including dynamometer and press decay testing.

Meritor entered the remanufacturing business in 1982 with drive axle differentials. In 2007, it acquired Mascot Truck Parts, a remanufacturer of all-makes differentials, manual transmissions, drivelines and steering gears. Today, Mascot is a Meritor brand that remanufactures all makes and models from any manufacturer of automatic and manual transmissions, differentials, steering gears, power steering pumps and driveline assemblies.

To meet the growing need for remanufactured components, Meritor has invested in improvements at its Plainfield, Ind., remanufacturing facility.
Delco Remy
Remy International Inc., under its Delco Remy brand, remanufactures a complete line of starters and alternators built to OEM specifications, including current design changes. For heavy-duty trucks, popular reman units from the company include the Delco Remy 42MT straight drive style starter and the Delco Remy 39MT gear reduction starter. Also available is the Delco Remy 35SI HP Heavy Duty Brushless Alternator, offered with the manufacturer’s Remote Sense technology designed to improve battery charge time.


BorgWarner, a supplier of turbochargers to truck engine builders, offers remanufactured turbochargers as an alternative to new replacement units. BorgWarner reman turbochargers have had all wear and small parts replaced and have been tested to ensure they meet the same performance standards as new turbochargers. Remanufactured turbochargers from BorgWarner have the same warranty as new production units.

Across the board, manufacturers are working to expand their remanufactured product lines. According to Meritor’s Wolma, demand for remanufactured product will grow in the future. He said, “More fleets are opting for remanufactured components for reduced costs and nationwide warranty. We see the scope going beyond the mechanical type products remanufactured in large quantities today and expanding into more sophisticated electronic components.”  

Detroit Reman Series 60 engine

Cummins ISX VGT turbocharger

Eaton Flex Reman clutch

Allison ReTran transmission

Keeping reman engines up and running
According to WheelTime Network truck care experts Shawn Campbell, and John Laird at United Engines, maintaining reman engines is very similar to maintaining any engine. Most engines that are considered remanufactured, they note, have been rebuilt from the bottom up according to very stringent guidelines.

WheelTime shops have a great deal of experience with reman engines. According to the WheelTime Network experts, common maintenance issues are not usually due to defects in the engine itself, but due to wear and tear, improper maintenance and environmental conditions. There are four failures that seem to be most common:


• Improper cooling system maintenance can cause cavitation in the liners.

• Failing to monitor fuel quality and maintain fuel pumps and fuel storage tanks can cause debris to enter the fuel system, which can result in injector failures and worse.

• Not keeping proper fluid and lubricant levels or performing general daily maintenance.

• Not adapting to regional and specific work environments to account for application and climate factors that may impact maintenance schedules.

WheelTime recommends a stringent PM program for reman engines and keeping detailed records of maintenance history, including both repairs and PM. This way when a truck is down for service, it also may be possible to accomplish other needed maintenance procedures rather than taking it off the road again.
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