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Reman transmissions roundup



According to Ramon Aguillon, aftermarket sales manager at Allison Transmission, “Allison Transmission’s remanufactured product line is called Allison ReTran. All of our remanufactured transmissions exclusively use Allison Genuine Parts and are tested to original factory specifications. Additionally, they are tested with Allison TES 295 approved fluid.”

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The advantages of ReTran remanufactured transmissions are that the fact that they are is tested to original factory specifications. Aguillon says that no other remanufacturer can make that claim: “Our ReTran warranty includes two years of unlimited mileage and worldwide service coverage. If originally installed by an Allison authorized distributor or dealer, we also provide coverage for free towing and removal/replacement labor. A service network that includes more than 1,100 authorized distributors and dealers throughout North America supports Allison ReTran products.”

Aguillon goes on to say, fleets typically look for a remanufactured transmission that is going to perform at the same level as the original transmission. “Allison ReTran products are thoroughly tested against original factory specifications to obtain the same performance,” he says. “While attaining near new-unit performance, ReTran represents significant cost savings versus the purchase of a new replacement transmission. If Allison Transmission was trusted with the original truck, Allison ReTran should be the trusted choice when it comes to selecting a remanufactured transmission.”

Bill Fouch, aftermarket-marketing manager, NAFTA, for Eaton, states, “The Eaton portfolio for factory reman transmissions is second to none. We have more than 250 part numbers, ranging from complete transmissions to remanufactured sub-assemblies, auxiliary sections and shift bar housing assemblies. We also remanufacture ECUs for our automated transmissions. We can handle pretty much any customer need—any speed and any torque that they might require.” He goes on to say that in all cases it is important to remember that Eaton uses nothing other than original OE quality components that are identical to what we use for the manufacturing of new transmissions, and also feature the latest engineering and design changes that have occurred over the years.”


Low cost option

“Reman transmissions offer a lower cost option when compared to a new transmission,” Fouch says. “When dealing with Eaton another big advantage is that with an Eaton Factory Remanufactured transmission you are getting all of the sales and service support with our Roadranger field representatives, which includes more than 200 professionals in the U.S. and Canada. No other remanufacturer can match the after-the-sale support that Eaton offers.”

The best advice for fleets is to always look for, and even insist on, units that include genuine OE quality components when making a reman purchasing decision. That will ensure that the investment will be sound one.

Fouch adds, “I’d also like to remind fleets about our bundle package that we launched in 2012. With it they can get a warranty for an Eaton remanufactured transmission of up to three years and unlimited miles, which in some cases actually matches our production transmission warranties. We are so confident with our product that we stand firmly behind our factory reman transmission.”

To qualify for the warranty, one needs to have Eaton’s Advantage Series clutches installed and use Roadranger-approved lubricant. This offers the greatest protection for transmissions and the entire drivetrain, according to Eaton. The program presents fleets with a fantastic opportunity to refurbish their trucks with lower-cost replacement components, yet still receive the protection coverage similar to that of new components.


Eaton offers a bundle program, in part, since when a transmission is being changed fleets are probably looking at changing the clutch too. “Fleets also should know about our Authorized Rebuilder Program that we have had in the market for about 20 months now,” Fouch says. “We have five partners with multiple locations in North America. Eaton’s Authorized Rebuilder Program gives fleets and independent drivers a new option to purchase locally rebuilt transmissions with 100% genuine Eaton components that meet all of Eaton’s re-use and rebuild requirements. This option also provides a high level of confidence and after-the-sale support. We are working on additional enhancements that we will be bringing to market in the coming months.”


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