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Rotary Lift expands factory training for installers

Rotary Lift has added a third full day to its Rotary Authorized Installer training classes in order to thoroughly cover new products: the Y-Lift alignment and general service lifts, SmartLift Trio superstructure, EFX60 heavy-duty inground scissor lift, Wireless Mach 4 mobile column lift and an updated MOD30 heavy-duty in-ground lift.


Since 1989, Rotary Lift has provided regular factory training classes on proper lift installation and service for its Rotary Authorized Installer (RAI) network. Recently, the company added a third full day to its RAI training classes in order to thoroughly cover new products.

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“Over the last 18 months, we have introduced the Y-Lift alignment and general service lifts, the SmartLift Trio superstructure, the EFX60 heavy-duty inground scissor lift, the Wireless Mach 4 mobile column lift and an updated MOD30 heavy-duty in-ground lift,” explains Ron Lainhart, Rotary Lift parts and service manager. “Adding a day to our RAI classes enables us to teach authorized installers how to install, inspect and service these new products. It also gives us more time to provide additional service and maintenance tips for some of our other lifts.”
Rotary Lift offers its light-duty RAI training class 10 times per year. Its heavy-duty class is held five times per year. The company also provides its distributors with sales training classes throughout the year. Nearly 4,000 attendees have gone through Rotary University factory training programs, the company said.

“Our RAI training program ensures that all of our authorized installers are thoroughly factory-trained to provide the best installation, service and inspection of Rotary Lift products,” Lainhart says. “The training is given to the RAIs, but the real beneficiaries are the customers who get the peace of mind that comes from hiring qualified personnel.”
RAI training classes are held at Rotary Lift headquarters in Madison, Ind. They are led by Lainhart and Rotary Lift product consultants. A representative of Hilti Corporation also teaches a segment on lift anchor embedment and epoxy application. Every course includes tours of the lift manufacturing facilities in Madison. The classes are heavily hands-on, with attendees working together to install lifts, take apart and rebuild hydraulic cylinders and accessories, and practice various service techniques. Interacting with other installers is another key component of the sessions, as it gives participants the opportunity to learn from each other. At the conclusion of the course, each participant receives a certificate of completion.


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