Rotary Lift highlights Mach Series, truck frame adapter kit

Rotary Lift highlights Mach Series, truck frame adapter kit

With two Rotary Lift Mach Series mobile columns and a Rotary Lift truck frame adapter kit, fleet operators can  add a versatile 12,000- or 15,000-lb. capacity lift to their shops, the company stated. The frame-engaging adapter kit transforms a pair of mobile columns into a fore-and-aft lift for servicing Class 3 and most Class 4 trucks.

“With the Mach series, you don’t have to lift at each wheel with the traditional four-column setup,” says Doug Spiller, Rotary Lift heavy-duty product manager. “By using one column at each end of the truck, you gain unobstructed access to the wheels and components mounted near the vehicle’s sides that would have been blocked by the arms on a two-post lift.”

Mach series mobile column lifts can be moved for use throughout the shop, take up little space and, with a truck frame adapter kit, provide complete access to the wheels and sides of the vehicle. All Mach series lifts include Rotary Lift’s patented control system, which speeds up the setup process by eliminating the need for a master column. A four-column configuration can be reduced to a two-column configuration and programmed for paired lifting with the push of a button.

Rotary Lift’s truck adapter kits are available in 12,000- and 15,000-lb. capacities that are suitable for a variety of frame-based vehicles. Each kit comes with two connectors that slide over the Mach series’ standard forks, thereby reducing the capacity of the two columns. The connectors are fitted with stackable frame-engaging adapters that hold the vehicle at the front and rear. The adapters are the same ones that come with Rotary Lift’s  SPO12 and SPO15 two-post lifts.

With a frame adapter kit, technicians can raise the vehicle and immediately remove its wheels for service, instead of lifting with a mobile column at each wheel and then taking time to set up jack stands. Since the lift’s forks remain in place with the kit attached, users can seamlessly change their lifting setup as they move from job to job. When not needed, the truck frame kit can be easily removed and stored. Each kit can be purchased with a rolling stand, so a single technician can complete the removal process.

“In order to ensure the best possible return on investment, a fleet operator shopping for a new lift should look beyond traditional two- and four-post options,” Spiller said. “You can eliminate installation costs and the need for a dedicated bay by buying a pair of Mach series mobile columns and the truck frame kit. Plus, your original pair of columns can easily be expanded in the future to enable the servicing of larger vehicles. If you already have a set of four Mach series columns, all you need is one kit to transform your setup from a four-post mobile column lift to a two-post fore-and-aft lift.”

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