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Ryder’s entire pre-owned vehicle inventory now online

Ryder System Inc. is making it easier than ever for customers to find a pre-owned vehicle to meet their needs with an extension to its website, according to the company. With the addition of economical “As-Is” condition vehicles, cab and chassis, and high horsepower trucks to the company’s existing online catalogue of commercial trucks, tractors, trailers and vans, Ryder’s entire pre-owned vehicle inventory is now available online.

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Ryder’s selection of pre-owned cab and chassis trucks includes diesel-powered straight truck models with a full range of payload capacities. Ryder noted that a cab and chassis is a truck that includes just the cab and chassis rails; a pre-assembled cargo container, freight box or flatbed is not included. By buying a RyderStrong-certified cab and chassis, customers have the flexibility to modify the vehicle to fit their specific business needs.

Ryder’s new pre-owned high horsepower truck inventory offers businesses with heavy-duty delivery transportation needs an exceptional value, according to the company. Vehicles include a variety of different body configurations, including refrigeration trucks that may include efficiency options such as electric standby, automated stop/start features to save fuel, side doors, walk ramps, and hydraulic lift gates for easy loading and unloading.

“Ryder is committed to offering the greatest selection of pre-owned commercial vehicles for sale at affordable prices,” said Eugene Tangney, Ryder vice president of asset management and vehicle sales. “By making ‘As-Is’, cab and chassis, and high horsepower trucks available for purchase, customers now have a convenient way to search and view our entire available-for-sale inventory online.”


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