Samsara releases artificial intelligence-driven safety features

Samsara releases artificial intelligence-driven safety features

Samsara has introduced several new safety features that the company says brings artificial intelligence (AI) into the cab and offers more advanced reporting tools for safety managers.

These include:

  • Tailgating Detection: Automatically detect when drivers are following other vehicles too closely at high speeds and auto-upload these incidents to the dashboard for video-based coaching.
  • Distracted Driving Detection: Gain visibility into the prevalence of distracted driving.
  • Preventative In-Cab Alerts: Deliver in-cab alerts to drivers when tailgating and/or distracted driving is detected.
  • Configurable Safety Score: Customize how driver and fleet Safety Scores are calculated by assigning specific weights to harsh events, speeding severity, defensive driving, and more.
  • Enhanced Safety Report: See detailed data on speeding severity and behavior trends.

With this new feature launch, Samsara says its advanced AI can now detect high-risk behavior (tailgating and distracted driving) without a harsh event occurring.

Samsara says its AI Dash Cams (CM31 or CM32 models) can now detect when drivers are following other vehicles too closely and auto-upload footage to the cloud. Safety managers can also turn on optional in-cab alerts to warn drivers when they are tailgating at an unsafe speed, based on a minimum speed threshold that you can configure in your dashboard.

The company says its dual-facing AI dash cams can now detect distracted driving without a harsh event (like a harsh brake or turn) occurring. Similar to tailgating, safety managers can also turn on optional in-cab alerts to remind drivers to stay focused on the road when they become distracted.

In addition, Samsara says with this new feature launch it’s giving safety managers more robust reporting tools. They can now adjust how Safety Scores are calculated based on your program’s priorities, goals and desired incentives. Set specific penalties for different categories of harsh events and speeding severity, and positively reward drivers for defensive driving. The company says with the enhanced Safety Report and new aggregated event labels, fleets can gain visibility into not just one-off safety events, but insights into their trends and root causes.

If a fleet has AI Dash Cams, Tailgating and Distracted Driving Detection will be available in dashboard settings (Settings > Cameras & Safety) at no extra cost. Fleets using the company’s older camera models can reach out to the company to try a CM31 or CM32 for free, Samsara says.

If a fleet has Samsara Vehicle Gateways (VGs) installed, it can still use the company’s configurable Safety Scores and enhanced Safety Report based on harsh event data from the VGs.

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