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Shell Lubricants introduces Retina LX

Shell Lubricants recently introduced Shell Retinax LX in the United States, which is a family of premium, lithium complex greases made from a combination of performance additives developed primarily for the lubrication of high-temperature applications, such as wheelbearmgs in heavy-duty truck applications. 


Shell Retinax LX is replacing Shell Retinax LC to better align with its global grease brands, the company said.
Retinax LX provides excellent EP/load carrying ability, oxidation stability, rust protection and the ability to adhere to metal surfaces and resist water wash-off, the company said. The product has a distinct red color that makes it easy to identify in field applications. It is particularly effective in wheel bearings subjected to high temperatures and load caused by braking from high speed, the company said.
The company reports that the performance capabilities include outstanding temperature ranges to handle ball and rolling element bearings operating at temperatures between – 15 C and +150 C. The new product line also features increased fretting protection that can help overcome problems suffered by bearings subjected to conditions of excessive vibration, it noted.
Benefits of using the product include resisting water washout; providing excellent bearing corrosion protection in wet environments; resisting softening, which helps prevent leakage out of bearings when subjected to severe working conditions; and providing excellent protection against wear, Shell said. It also provides good pumpability in grease lubrication systems and offers excellent mechanical stability by maintaining consistency over long periods of time, it said.
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