Finding a one-stop shop for diesel engine filters

Finding a one-stop shop for diesel engine filters

It’s amazing how challenging it can be to find the right part, even something as seemingly simple as a diesel engine filter. After all, a filter is a filter, right?

“Not all filters are created equal,” noted David Studley, lube and oil filter product manager, Fleetguard, who went on to explain that it would be a mistake to consider diesel engine filters a commodity purchase. “Making sure that fleets are selecting filters that meet and/or exceed the OEMs quality and performance is really the best way to ensure that the engine is getting the right protection. When it comes to Fleetguard products, they’re validated to make sure that we meet those requirements so that customers experience the optimal uptime, as well as being backed by the Fleetguard warranty.”

Consider engine filtration the defensive line of the powertrain team. They’re blocking and tackling harmful particles to keep your engines running efficiently and productively. If you have a weak defensive line, you’re going to let through a lot of particles that take your trucks out of the game and put them on the sidelines. You need to choose filtration products that you can trust to do the job.

While Fleetguard has its roots in protecting red engines, the filtration brand their filtration product offering spans a wide array of engine makes and models, including Detroit diesel engines, providing high-quality, dependable engine protection, regardless of its color.

For example, the Fleetguard FK11011 fuel filter kit is the latest fuel filter kit for all 2021 and newer Detroit DD series diesel engines and includes a pre-screen filter and required gaskets. For the oil system, Fleetguard also offers the LF17810 lube filter which applies to all 2020 and newer DD series engines.

Of course, the bulk of engine filtration demands often come from older engines. That’s why Fleetguard’s product lineup supports earlier model years as well. The Fleetguard FK13850NN fuel filter kit fits 2014 to 2020 DD13, DD15, and DD16 engines. The FK13850NN also sports Fleetguard’s proprietary NanoNet® nanofiber media for the finest level of particle removal to protect fuel injection systems. For seasoned-engine lube filter needs, Fleetguard fields the LF17511 lube filter, providing protection for 2014-2019 DD13,15,16 engines.

Another noteworthy Fleetguard filtration offering is the Fleetguard FS20083, a fuel filter element for DAVCO Fuel Pro 485 processor housings. The Fleetguard fuel filter element offers a three-stage water removal architecture to combat the severe challenges of water in diesel fuel.

Remember that Fleetguard filters have a backfield of support–from rock-solid warranties to in-field support. Working with one filtration supplier can also help streamline fleet filtration needs, eliminating the need to chase down several sources when an issue surfaces.

Click here to learn more about the full array of Fleetguard filters for Detroit engines and beyond.

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