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Watch: Six Geotab executive interviews in about six minutes

At Geotab Connect, six of Geotab’s sharpest minds lined up for a barrage of interviews with trucking journalists. Fleet Equipment was among them, video camera in hand, to find out how telematics is impacting nearly every aspect of a fleet’s operation and transportation as a whole–from becoming more data-centric within your own fleet to how telematics could help enable electrification of the vehicles on the road. Watch to find out the answers.

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On the importance of open APIs

Here’s Neil Cawse, Geotab CEO, on what’s at stake for fleets:

On proving the ROI of a sustainability focus

Colin Sutherland, Geotab executive vice president, sales and marketing, shares his view:

On the role fleets can play in the development of smart cities

Jean  Pilon-Bignell, Geotab vice president of BD government and smart cities, talks collaboration:

On turning telematics skeptics into true believers

With Scott Sutarik, Geotab’s vice president of commercial vehicle solutions:

On leveraging data with suppliers and service solution providers

Sherry Calkins, Geotab vice president of strategic partners, shares a Marketplace-inspired view:

On how to get the electric vehicle conversation rolling

Matt Stevens, Geotab vice president, electric vehicles, explains what to say when you pick up the phone to talk with a utility about EV needs.



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