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SkyBitz introduces SkyBitz Kinnect for integrated trailer sensor data


David Sickels is the Associate Editor of Tire Review and Fleet Equipment magazines. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

SkyBitz has launched SkyBitz Kinnect, a GPS tracking solution that integrates sensor data from trailers and containers through one communications device. SkyBitz says customers can now easily tap into asset data, including cargo visibility, increasing capacity for real-time response to load status.

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SkyBitz Kinnect is the foundation for SkyBitz SmartTrailer offerings, which the company says combines high processing power, wireless technology, a large capacity solar rechargeable battery and an optional tether capability.

With the SkyBitz Kinnect offering, the company says customers will benefit from the following:

  • Ten-plus year product life in harsh environments
  • Wireless platform supports a variety of sensor capabilities
  • Multiple power options ensure continuous connectivity
  • Volumetric capacity measurements of trailers or containers

SkyBitz Kinnect currently supports wireless sensors to provide cargo and door status, cargo images and provides the ability to support additional wireless sensors. SkyBitz Kinnect is designed to support installation on multiple asset types, including dry-van trailers, flatbeds, tankers, intermodal containers, and chassis.



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