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Speed up your collision repairs by using professional estimating technology

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The accident claim-and-repair process can be tedious, time-consuming, full of paperwork and a roadblock for getting a vehicle back on the road quickly and making money. One way to effectively speed the process is by taking advantage of an electronic commercial estimating system.  

“There’s no doubt that accurate estimates are the key to getting commercial vehicles and equipment repaired,” says Ryan Woolfenden, PPG marketing manager, commercial programs. “Without an estimate, repairs can’t be authorized, parts can’t be ordered and claims can’t be resolved. Using an advanced automated estimating system speeds the entire process. It’s a very practical and effective solution.”

There are only a few electronic estimating systems on the market that are designed for commercial equipment. One example is the AdjustRite® commercial estimating system from PPG. The AdjustRite® program features illustrate what these electronic systems can offer. The system is designed for all industry participants, including fleets, repair facilities, independent adjusting companies, TPAs and insurance companies.

According to Woolfenden, PPG’s electronic system offers a host of features that make the estimating process more manageable:

  • A comprehensive database with extensive parts listings for a wide range of commercial equipment;
  • A web-based platform that provides increased accessibility, real-time program updates and enhanced mobility;
  • Procedural logic, including overhaul, overlap, included operations, additional operations and add-on parts;
  • Parts management with real-time alternative parts searches, multiple pricing solutions, automated ordering and vendor management;
  • Claims management functions, including claim assignment dispatch, equipment and condition reports, automated salvage bids and total loss documents, file notes, closing sheets and caption reports;
  • Data interface with a variety of shop and claim management systems;
  • PDF document export and company management reports.

A key feature of an electronic system is the use of actual commercial equipment information. In the AdjustRite® system’s case, that’s a comprehensive database of heavy- and medium-duty truck makes and models, trailers, buses and various commercial equipment, which is continuously updated with pertinent data in real time.

Web-based estimating systems can be accessed from any internet-connected device, including desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. Estimates can be written and parts ordered from the field. Online systems can also address the overall insurance claims process from beginning to end, and even assist in resolving subrogation matters. The enhanced reporting and claim documentation have proven to deliver higher percentages of loss recovery success and dollars.

In short, an electronic estimating program like the AdjustRite® system produces accurate, detailed estimates by accessing a wide-ranging and continuously updated database of commercial equipment, parts and repair information. It then facilitates pricing and ordering the parts required for the repair, and delivers an accurate estimate that fleets, repair facilities, parts managers, insurance adjusters and TPAs can appreciate.

“For any company or professional involved with the repair of commercial equipment, an electronic estimating platform makes a lot of sense,” says Woolfenden. “It’s a system that saves time and money, and all industry participants can certainly benefit from the savings.”

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