Stemco launches new GateReader SVT
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Stemco launches new GateReader SVT


David Sickels is the Senior Editor of Fleet Equipment. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

Stemco has announced GateReader SVT as an addition to its current mileage solution product portfolio.

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GateReader SVT, coupled with the usage of DataTrac SVT, is designed to provide data to fleet managers wirelessly and automatically to improve maintenance practices and increase fleet safety, the company says. With this launch, Stemco is also introducing Stemco Vehicle Technology (SVT) to the market, a denotation which indicates the product is equipped with smart technology.

Stemco Vehicle Technology is launching with a group of mileage solution products—including GateReader SVT, and the newly rebranded DataTrac SVT and WebPortal SVT.

  • GateReader SVT: This product attaches on or near the gate at the entrance of the yard and wirelessly captures readings from the DataTrac SVT attached to each vehicle’s wheel end, requiring no trenching or hardwiring.
  • DataTrac SVT: This product attaches to the wheel end on a vehicle and captures highly accurate mileage activity, the company says. Data can be wirelessly transmitted to the GateReader SVT or a third-party telematics provider. This product has been manufactured by Stemco up until now under the TracBat name.
  • WebPortal SVT: This is the software program that receives all the data collected by the GateReader SVT. Fleet managers can analyze and download the data from their WebPortal SVT login. This software has been licensed through StemcoTEMCO and was available previously under the name WebBat.

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