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Stemco launches hubodometer selector web tool


David Sickels is the Senior Editor of Fleet Equipment. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

Stemco has announced a new tool for customers to find the right Stemco Hubodometer products for their fleets. The new Hubodometer Selector on the Stecmo website leads its users through the process by recommending relevant product offerings according to vehicle brand, model, or tire measurements.

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The Hubodometer is a device mounted on the axle of a truck or trailer wheel that measures distance traveled. Hubodometers are standard on semis, buses and most other heavy-duty trucks and trailers to track maintenance schedules and accurately calculate costs per mile.

By taking a proactive approach to fleet management, companies can maximize safety and performance, while extending the life of their fleet vehicles. The same also serves in reducing downtime and overall fleet costs. And thanks to new tools like Stemco’s Hubodometer Selector, when matched with the right products, fleet managers can ensure productivity and profitability through superior data.



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