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Stoneridge announces second MirrorEye award with commercial vehicle OEM

Stoneridge, Inc. has earned its second MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS) award with a commercial vehicle OEM, the company says.


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Stoneridge Inc. has earned its second MirrorEye Camera Monitor System (CMS) award with a commercial vehicle OEM, the company says.

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The award represents an estimated $10 million in peak annual revenue based on forecasted production levels and an assumed penetration rate of the system of 10%-15%. Production is scheduled to begin in 2021. 

Stoneridge’s MirrorEye CMS replaces traditional rear and side-view mirrors with digital cameras and, according to Stoneridge, provides:

  • Greater field of view and elimination of common blind spots;
  • Augmented, enhanced vision quality at night and during adverse weather conditions;
  • Trailer panning tracks the end of the trailer; and
  • Improved fuel economy through aerodynamic design of its exterior camera arms.

The company says it is currently engaged in evaluations with fleets including J.B. Hunt, Maverick Transportation and Schneider National in preparation for the roll-out of an aftermarket MirrorEye product, which is expected this year.  



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