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Why it might be time to reconsider a 6×2 with liftable axles

Let’s talk about the 6×2 elephant in the room and how new equipment technology is addressing it.

Are pusher axles positioned for a lift in spec’ing popularity?

When I caught up with Joel Morrow, senior driver and vice president of equipment procurement at Ploger Transportation, for a deep-dive into 6×2 axle configurations and downspeeding, he made a surprising axle comment that stood out when it came to address the stigma 6×2 axle configurations face when it comes time for truck resale. “Resale

Tire choices for 6×2 axle configurations

While adoption of 6×2 axle configurations in over-the-road applications has lagged behind industry expectations—largely because of unexpected challenges and consequences in making the switch to 6×2 configurations, as well as lower-than-expected fuel prices making such a switch less of a money saver—there is still significant interest among fleets in making such a switch. And those

Heavy Duty Truck 6x2 axle
Diving into engine downspeeding

To improve efficiency of the powertrain, engine downspeeding can be achieved with either a 6×4 or 6×2 axle configuration. However, all the driveline components must work in concert to ensure proper performance. “Regardless of axle configuration, customers should always work with their OEM, engine rep and or axle rep to specify the correct drivetrain configuration

Engine Downspeeding
Three ways 6x2s are winning over fleets

Often times, any topic filled with apprehension can be seen in a new light thanks to a bit of old fashion education. There’s no clearer example of that than the growing interest in 6×2 axle configurations from fleets across the country. In the past, fleets had three main concerns with 6×2 axle configurations: 1. Traction;

Three ways 6x2s
The 6×2 cometh?

It’s an exciting time to be involved in the trucking industry. Take a second to compare the trucks of today to the trucks of 20 years ago … pretty staggering. Today’s heavy-duty haulers are churning out a seemingly limitless stream of data points, running automated transmissions and achieving eight miles per gallon and beyond in

Heavy Duty Truck 6x2 axle