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Clean fuel corner: Clean fuel to keep engines running

During the course of the last five Clean Fuel Corners, we’ve attempted to bring you up to speed on the changes taking place in the world of diesel fuel and engine technology and why it should be of concern to anyone owning or operating diesel-driven equipment. Recall that generally these changes are being forced by emissions

Clean fuel corner: Clear & bright—ISO cleanliness levels

When people talk about clear and bright, they could be chitchatting about the weather. However, in the domain of fuels and lubricants, this expression has been used since the ’80s. The oil industry calls it the Standard Test Method for Free Water and Particulate Contamination in Distillate Fuels (Visual). In all fairness, using the above

Clean fuel corner: Delivery and storage

Now that you understand how fuels are produced, the final product is ready to be delivered to customers that are spread across a wide geographical area. Fuels can be transported via pipe lines, rail carts, road tankers and sea [bulk cargo carriers]. The customer can be a bulk fuel depot that distributes the fuel to

Clean fuel corner: Additives in diesel fuel

Raw ultralow sulfur diesel fuels coming out of today’s modern refineries require various additives to bring them into specification. Although the details of each fuel spec vary in different parts of the world, the function of an additive is generally the same: to give the fuel a characteristic that it otherwise wouldn’t have right out

Clean fuel corner: Emissions driving changes and we say goodbye to sulfur

As we last discussed, many new engines employ high pressure common rail (HPCR) technology, injecting diesel fuel upwards of 2,700 bar. These engines are being challenged to meet stricter (read: cleaner) emissions requirements from governments around the world. To meet that challenge, engine OEMs are employing both on-engine and exhaust aftertreatment solutions. HPCR is an

Clean fuel corner: New engine technology and the need for clean fuel

Welcome to the Clean Fuel Corner! This column is an opportunity for you to learn more about how evolving diesel engine technology is driving the need for cleaner fuel. While that may seem to be fairly straightforward, delivering clean and dry fuel consistently to your engine’s fuel injection system can be a great challenge. We’ll