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Air suspensions explained: A fleet’s bottom line can benefit from trailer air suspensions

Trailer air suspensions offer fleets many benefits, including optimized fuel efficiency and tire life, superior cargo protection, improved ride characteristics and minimized wear and tear on trailer components. These advantages can be maximized with some basic knowledge concerning the ins and outs of air suspensions, along with a good understanding of maintenance practices. We asked several manufacturers of trailer air suspensions to weigh in on the subject, and their advice could save fleets a significant amount of time and money.

Good friction: Replacing air disc brake pads

Choosing the right friction material for air disc brakes is only one factor to consider when replacing pads.

Mandated EOBRs/ELDs

Electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) and electronic logging devices (ELDs) offer greater efficiency beyond hours of service compliance.

Oil filtration update

Meeting the needs of today’s engines requires enhanced protection and long service life.

Coolant options

Today’s coolants meet the increased demands of modern engines

Building work trucks

When it comes to choosing the best work truck for the application, fleets have many options.

Auxiliary Power Unit Update

APUs are becoming commonplace, with more and more fleets either installing aftermarket units or opting for factory-installed units when ordering new trucks.

Spec’ing truck components

From fuel efficiency to driver satisfaction to profitability, there is much for fleets to consider when spec’ing components on new vehicles.

Retreads cut fleet costs, offer like-new tire performance

Savvy fleets have long considered retreads as one way to improve their bottom lines. Today’s retreads offer more technology and options than ever before, resulting in improved performance and added value.

Consider reman axles & transmissions

Remanufactured parts, which are “greener” and more cost-effective, are an alternative for fleets when the cost of new components no longer makes sense.

Aerodynamic advantages for trucking fleets

The impact of aerodynamics on fuel economy and emissions is becoming increasingly important. The difference between perception and reality can be a wide chasm, however, according to experts in the aerodynamics industry.

Paint finishes offer fleets more than just a ‘pretty face’

Faced with an aggressive environment, degrading road conditions and trucks that last in excess of a million miles, fleet managers need to pay attention to their vehicles’ paint condition.