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Do you really have to run that many regens?

It’s an easy go-to shop solution. Truck hits the shop with an aftertreatment fault, you run a regen. But there comes a point where that seemingly simple shop standard is holding back your service efforts. Sure you run the regen and clear the fault, but then the truck is right back in the shop not

How the right engine oil can impact your DPF maintenance costs

Name your biggest service headache. Ready, go: DPF! Jinx.

Chevron introduces Delo 600 ADF engine oil, touts reduced DPF issues and maintenance costs

Chevron Products Co. has introduced its new Delo 600 ADF engine oil with Omnimax technology. The new oil cuts down on ash buildup by 60%, leading to increased life for the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and reduced maintenance costs, the company says.