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The coming of the e-axle age

As a highly efficient power source for propelling electric vehicles, truck e-axles must be designed to go beyond providing torque and power to also balance performance, durability and reliability with maximum time on the road per charge. That’s according to Steve Slesinski, director of global product planning for Dana. “E-axles have continued to advance in

Truck transmissions have evolved: Here’s where they’re going next

Automated manual transmission (AMT) and automatic transmission manufacturers are crushing assumptions and setting new expectations in all trucking industry applications. Automatic transmissions are getting smarter and, in the AMT world, gone are the days of clunky, reverse-engineered AMTs. Today’s AMTs are, as PACCAR Vice President Landon Sproull put it, “purpose built.” “The gearing—overall ratio and

International truck unwraps the new HX Series trucks

The new International HX Series is the first product released under the company’s Navistar 4.0 strategy and its Project Compass initiative. The new HX Series is available in both a set-forward axle HX520 and a set-back axle HX620. The HX620 comes standard with the International A26 engine, delivering up to 500 HP. Additionally, both the

Allison Transmission, Petro-Canada Lubricants sign factory fill transmission fluid agreement

Petro-Canada Lubricants will become the first-fill supplier of TES 668TM automatic transmission fluid for Allison Transmission, the companies announced. Using its lubricant technology, Petro-Canada Lubricants says it meets the requirements of the Allison Transmission TES 668 specification with the formulation of DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668. DuraDrive HD Synthetic 668 is specified for on-highway vehicles, including

Mack Trucks begins full production of medium-duty MD Series, provides details about the new trucks

The new Mack MD Series of medium-duty trucks is now in full production at Mack’s new Roanoke Valley Operations (RVO) facility in the Roanoke Valley, Va., the company announced. The Mack MD6, a Class 6 model, and the MD7, a Class 7 model, began rolling off the line Sept. 1 in preparation for delivery to

Allison Transmission shows 3414 Regional Haul Series at Work Truck Show

Allison Transmission recently developed its 3414 Regional Haul Series transmission, based on insights gathered from OEMs and end users that there is a need for reliability, performance and maneuverability of an Allison fully automatic 3000 Series transmission, but with increased ratings capability, the company says. Allison says the 3414 RHS has ratings up to 410

Allison Transmission to open Vehicle Environmental Test Center

Allison Transmission announced during NTEA’s Work Truck Show that its Vehicle Environment Test (VET) Center will open July 8. The company says the 60,000 square-foot building will house two environmental chambers capable of simulating a broad range of environmental conditions and duty cycles, including temperature extremes, grades, altitudes and other on-road conditions. Specifically, Allison Transmission

Allison Transmission selected as standard in new medium-duty Mack truck

Allison Transmission has been selected as the standard transmission for the new Mack MD Series of medium-duty trucks. The Allison 2000 Series offers FuelSense 2.0 with DynActive shifting for these trucks designed for dry van/reefer, stake/flatbed, dump and tanker applications. “Mack’s decision to equip their new MD truck with the Allison 2500 helps Mack meet

Allison Transmission launches new transmission, partnership with Freightliner Trucks

Allison Transmission has launched the 3414 Regional Haul Series (RHS) transmission, and has announced a partnership with Freightliner Trucks in conjunction with the new product. As part of the partnership, Freightliner will be the first to offer the 3414 transmission, which is an enhancement of Allison’s 3000 Series made specifically for regional haul applications.

Automated and automatic transmissions for heavy-haul

Heavy-haul. Just the name itself gets across the kind of power that is needed for trucks in these applications. Yet the trucks need to be versatile as well, because the truck won’t spend all of its time on the jobsite.

Hino Trucks will include five-year warranty on 2020 Allison Transmission-equipped vehicles

Hino Trucks’ 2020 model year Allison Transmission-equipped Hino’s will include a five-year unlimited mile transmission warranty effective immediately, the company has announced.

Shifting transmission maintenance gears

AMTs have impacted the service process.