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IdlePro Extreme 350-, 420 amp alternators offered on Blue Bird rear engine diesel, CNG school buses

Prestolite Electric has been awarded standard position by Blue Bird o supply IdlePro Extreme alternators from Leece-Neville Heavy Duty Systems. Blue Bird All American rear engine (RE) diesel and CNG-powered school buses will be offered with IdlePro Extreme 350- and 420-amp alternators as standard and optional equipment for models utilizing a Cummins 2021 engine. The

Understanding the misunderstood alternator

Most alternators today are more durable than ever. So why are so many alternators failing? Or, are they really failing?

Building a smarter alternator

In the past 15 or 20 years, as fleets began facing stricter legislative and power requirement changes in their trucks, the OEMs in turn began facing demands to produce higher-quality alternators that could meet these standards. “So, what they’ve demanded from us is higher efficiency and lower cost,” says Clive Harley, vice president of engineering

LoadHandler releases new L29 starters for medium-duty applications

The LoadHandler Power Products starter and alternator line now includes two new L29 starters to provide drop-in replacement coverage for Class 6 and 7 medium-duty applications, including school buses, emergency vehicles and more. Specs of the L29 starters include: Application-specific technology to help ensure durability and performance in a wide array of operating environments; 12V

Empowering components: Electrical products play an vital role in the truck’s operation

Whenever you talk about batteries, you have to talk about the electrical systems and the components they power. While the latest technology and devices might come to mind, electrical products such as starters, alternators, EGR valves, ignitions, sensors, turbo actuators, engine control units and headlamps play an vital role in the truck’s operation and have