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PennDOT to open some rest areas previously closed due to Coronavirus

The American Trucking Association and the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association have been working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation in an effort to reopen the rest areas that were closed recently as a result of COVID-19. PennDOT announced March 18 that it has identified 13 of its 30 rest areas that are most utilized by

American Trucking Association calls on government to deem vehicle supply entities ‘essential’ amid Coronavirus restrictions

Six trade associations representing the transportation industry, including the American Trucking Association, called on state and local governments March 17 to consider the importance of motor vehicle supply and repair facilities in implementing orders to close nonessential businesses as a result of the coronavirus. According to the letter sent to the National Governors Association, National

FedEx Freight’s Philip Pinter wins 2018 TMCSuperTech Grand Championship

  American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council has announced that Phillip Pinter, a technician with FedEx Freight from Ida, Michigan, was named the 2018 National Technician Skills Competition – TMC SuperTech – Grand Champion. Pinter bested 95 other finalists in the TMCSuperTech heavy-duty division to claim the title of Grand Champion. In addition, Ferris

Gearing up for Phase 2 GHG, fuel economy standards

In mid-June, a regulatory proposal for tighter greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fuel economy standards for heavy- and medium-duty trucks was announced by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). The long-anticipated vehicle and engine standards cover all types of trucks, including large pickups, vans and buses, for

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Don’t sit idly by: Putting idle reduction solutions to work saving money, retaining drivers

Trucks are made to be in motion. When efficiency is judged by MPG, the truck’s worst fuel efficiency is when the truck sits still. Idling burns fuel and can lead to increased maintenance issues. That’s why a number of idle reduction solutions are gaining ground with fleet managers aiming to lower diesel usage costs and

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Equipment that drives retention

While you may be able to spec the most efficient truck the world has ever seen, designed to reap the benefits of unprecedented fuel economy, it would all be for naught if there weren’t an operator to drive it down the road. The looming driver shortage cloud is growing darker month by month. The latest